Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ceramics - Project #1

When I got to San Carlos and knew I'd be spending several months here for the winter.  I decided I needed to fill some of my spare time with interesting things.  One of the clubs here has facilities for ceramics, something I'd never done, so why not try it?  I'd like to think I'm artistic in some way - still searching!
My first ever ceramic project is this southwest designed plate, 8" wide.  Very detailed work, silly of me to pick such an intricate piece.  Naturally, I see some problems and will treat that knowledge as lessons for future projects.  Future projects will probably not contain such intricate work!
This is what it looked like when I finished the 3 coats of glaze before it went into the kiln.  Colors were muted and more like pastels, but they say you never know how it will come out until it's fired.  Only some of the glazes had actual color tiles.  Most of the colors are selected from a printed catalog.

My next project will be a lizard - I'll be doing him Mexican style, bright colors.  I have already cleaned him up, which took hours.  When they come out of the mold, there is a seam in the middle which has to be leveled.  Sometimes there are void spots that need fill work or blobs that need to be smoothed out.  I was lucky the plate was ready to go, not so with this next project.

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