Thursday, August 24, 2017

Jack Sizemore | RV Museum | Amarillo | Texas

This is the RV that was in the Robin Williams' movie "RV" and it was made in 1948 it's called a Flxible.  And that's the way the spelled it on the sign.
Probably the oldest one in the collection is this car camper - the back opens up as you'll see in the photo following.

Family Motor Coach of 1976.
Jack is the man who purchased these vehicles and restored them.  His business is, of course, selling RVs and parts.  I got a few parts from him and the price wasn't outrageous like some places are.
Whoever owned this rig certainly did lots of traveling - in many areas of the world. 

From 1936.

They had pop-ups back in the 1930s.

VW vans really got some camping experience.

Truck campers are quite popular now, and this is one of the last of these made in 1970.

I have seen something similar to this next one - the entire top half of the trailer slides down (see the wheel in the front) so it's half the height while traveling.

I didn't get inside this one, but they say it's the oldest Airstream, called the Torpedo, from the 1930s.


A cute little trailer, and they're starting the make new "retro" ones similar to this.


Everyone knows airstream.
For the bike enthusiast, there were some shiny models of all kinds and ages.

Including this one from the early 1900s - with a sidecar on the left side.  The sign says it's one of two that were known to exist, so obviously quite rare.
Harley Davidson from 1942, used in World War II.
Just for fun, they had some nostalgia items that weren't RV related.



  1. I loved this museum and so did my kids and grandkids. Pretty wonderful that he keeps the museum free and open to the public.

    1. I was really surprised that there was no admission fee. it's definitely worth a stop.

  2. We went to the RV Museum in Elkart, Indiana, and it was fascinating.

    My husband's grandpa built a camper that was quite unique. I wish it had survived and could be found in one of these museums!

    1. That would have been cool to see. I have seen a couple of small homemade rigs.

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