Monday, August 21, 2017

Ute Lake State Park | New Mexico

Reeds and cattails are growing in this section of the lake.
This is not a very good photo of my campsite, but it shows how LONG it is - my truck is at the back, and I could put at least one more big truck back there.  It's great for people who bring in boats on trailers, as well as a huge Class A towing a huge trailer.  It's a shame not to have a boat here.

These people found their own private peninsula for their camping.

The park has about 5 entrances, some quite far from the main one, as the lake is 13 miles long.  Only two of the campgrounds have electric hookups.  These are some scenes from the south entrances. 

The lake has a very convoluted shoreline and there are many coves to visit - to see the entire lake would require a boat and lots of time.

When I came here, I had no idea you could get campsites right on the water.

The little town has it's own draw, they have some old abandoned buildings, like most of these towns do.  There is a decent little grocery store and other establishments.

The area is filled with marine places, storage and supplies - this is just the most eye-catching.
After the monsoon season was almost over, we did have a couple of nice sunsets.  This was after a couple of days with no storms.......


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