Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Bazaar | Mexican Style | San Carlos | Mexico

Mexico is colorful - traditional Mexican dress and homes are full of color.  San Carlos had a Christmas Bazaar this past week, and all sorts of crafts and food were available. 


In addition to the Mexican crafts and clothing for sale, there were booths of handmade items available that would benefit the children in the area.  This booth was for Castaway Kids organization, who give financial help to local kids for their education, as well as many other items they need.

There was also jewelry and matted photos for sale.

Stained glass is always one of my favorites, it's not easy to do, but very pretty. 

Even this far south, it gets cold, especially during the evening and night.  One of our local residents makes doggy sweaters in many sizes.
And then there's the food for sale - this was mostly baked goods and I tried not to linger too long there.

These are hiking sticks, very helpful on some of these trails around here.  Colorful also! 
This booth was to benefit a womens' shelter, including some children who helped make some of these crafts, as well as helping with the sale.  I volunteered some time to help produce some of these crafts, since I think it's a worthy cause.

This is the crew who were on hand to take care of customers for the shelter booth during the Bazaar. 


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