Monday, December 12, 2016

Nacapule Canyon | San Carlos | Mexico

Last week I took the hike I wanted to do last year, but the entrance had been fenced in and locked.  This a really pretty hike, and there is a choice of two different trails.  Actually, there is another one, but I decided I had better stay away from it - way more strenuous than the other ones, as you can see by the sign below.

I was surrounded by desert until I got into the trail and started seeing palm trees.  I was getting into an area where there was water for the plant life.


Then there was a little pond.

It was much more interesting close up. 

After passing the pond, the palms grew more dense.  These are basically the same palms I've seen in Florida and other places in the southwest, but they have not been trimmed.

By this time, the ground was soggy and there were more patches of standing water.


Then, the trail turned into huge rocks that you would have to scramble over and I decided to return home.  There used is a zip line at the beginning of the hike, but I've heard that they have halted operation because it was scaring the animals.  I don't really know the full story, but there wasn't anyone using the zip line when I was there.

The parking lot is huge and there are multiple palapas that are perfect for picnics and other gatherings.  Many of the locals come here for parties.




  1. Looks so nice! We'll be in San Carlos the end of the month on our way to Lo de Marcos. How strenuous is the trail you were on? Didn't sound too bad (until the rocks). Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was rocky most of the way - but small rocks, not boulders. I stopped when it got to the point I'd have to be scrambling over boulders. Precaution, since I hike alone.

  2. Once again thank you for the beautiful pictures and for going on that hike for me, too.