Sunday, November 27, 2016

Beautiful San Carlos | Sonora | Mexico

Last week, I decided to do a couple of hikes in picturesque areas.  This boat scene was on the way to one of the hikes, and I decided that it was so peaceful and quiet, I had to stop to get a shot of it.
This is a rocky beach that is accessible by a trail over a large hill.  All the rocks on this beach, and many others in the area, are all worn smooth by the sea.

Way out into the water, I could see this little fishing boat with dozens of pelicans and other sea birds trying to catch food.

It really was the wrong time of day to take photos in this area, but the scenery was there and so was I - and I can't resist taking photos. 

This tree has been shaped by the winds from the sea.  In another area, it would be growing upright instead of bending with the winds.
On the second day, this vehicle passed me, so I had to take a quick shot of it.  The President of Mexico was in town, so the military definitely had a huge presence for the week.  We also had helicopters flying over the town at all times of the day and night.

Of course, one of my favorite areas is the harbor with all the anchored boats.

I was on a different beach one evening for sunset and while I was waiting for the sunset, I started taking photos of the smooth rocks from the sea.  Some are multicolored, some have layers, and some are mostly one color, including green - but they are all smooth from the sea.

This is the sunset that day - not spectacular like some I have seen in this area, but I do like this photo.  The Tetakawi is the most well-known peak in this area and, of course, the most photographed.




  1. Replies
    1. It sure is pretty! Salt water and boats are some of my favorite things! And it's a fun little town.

  2. Hi Betty, thanks for great pics and your experience. We are moving there next spring. Can Hardly wait to snap some pics myself. Love San Carlos!!!

    1. Great! How exciting for you. I hope your move goes safely and smoothly.

  3. This looks like someplace we'd like to visit. I've been trying to talk my husband into RVing over the border into Mexico, but he's not willing yet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

    1. It's a straight shot south from Tucson through Nogales - and only one road to follow. Probably 5 hours from the border! This is my second trip down here and it's great! Most everyone speaks English here. More photos to be shared, since I'll be here until the end of March! Thanks for enjoying them!