Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pipe Springs National Monument | Fredonia, Utah

Pipe Springs National Monument is located on the Paiute Kaibab Indian Reservation about 16 miles from Kanab, Utah.

When the Mormon settlers moved west, they settled in this area because of the springs.  They would have water for their crops and their livestock, so they built this fort since it was in the middle of Indian territory.

They did have multiple wives at this location so they figured the stone fort would be a refuge for everyone.

The Indians, of course, were upset because the water was being diverted from their crops and their livestock.  They did manage to stay in the area although many of the historic pit houses and kivas belonging to their ancestors were destroyed.

This National Monument shows life as it was back in the late 1800s after Mormons arrived.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Love going along with you on your travels.

    1. Thanks - you do a good job yourself!

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