Saturday, August 13, 2016

Grand Canyon | North Rim | Arizona

Grand Canyon is magnificent. The North Rim is very different from the South Rim, where most people visit. The South Rim has lots of people, shuttles to take them along the main road so they can get off at numerous stops to view the canyon. The North Rim has the main area where the lodge and visitor center is, as well as the campground as well as other facilities. In order to see any more of the canyon, there is a road that branches off in two different directions with multiple parking areas to see more views.
A very interesting spot on the way to Imperial Point - from a distance you can see a rock outcropping that has a window in it.

As you get closer, you can see a large hole in the rock wall. Through this vaguely triangular shaped hole, you can see part of the Colorado River at the bottom of the Canyon.

When you get to this rock outcropping, there is a walkway to view into the Canyon. It gives you a bit of a funny feeling knowing that part of this walkway is a bridge over that hole. But, the views are great.

There is not much traffic on either of these roads, and it's a slow trip since there are winding roads and lots of dropoffs.

 This little guy was right in the middle of tourists, probably eating someone's leftovers.

And then there were bigger critters - bison!


One short hike promised to take me to a little log cabin that was used as a salt house left over from the early 20th century.

What I found looked like it could have been that little cabin, but it had been encased in protective foil, since there was a recent forest fire. Looks like it might have been interesting.

And then there is more scenery.....

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