Sunday, August 28, 2016

Page | Arizona

This was my view from my campsite at Lone Rock near Lake Powell. This is the Lone Rock, and it's gigantic, boats look like dots next to it.

The Glen Canyon Dam provides not only hydroelectric power, but also boating is a major draw in this area.  The lake is over a hundred and eighty miles long and goes from Arizona to Utah, much of it is inaccessible by roads.

The city of Page is relatively new and was founded in the middle of the last century for the purpose of building a dam.  Since the dam was far away from any type of civilized area, this town provided housing and facilities for the workers and their families.

This is the Glen Canyon Dam from the Scenic View near town. This dam is only 16 feet shorter than the Hoover Dam.  Water from this area is shared with surrounding states as well as Mexico.  Below is the bridge that goes over the canyon where the dam is.

Very dramatic scenery.

The bridge has a walkway on both sides, with little cutouts in the fence for cameras.  When big trucks go by on the bridge (speed limit 25), you can feel the vibration.

On another day, I found a way to get behind the dam.

Another shot from the scenic view area.

This trail leads to the Hanging Garden.  Most of it was this type of rock, but some of it was sand of the same color.

This is the Hanging Garden, a little alcove with water seeping through the rocks.  It makes for a very lush area.

I'm not sure what the plants are, but they sure are pretty.

When I was leaving the Gardens, this was my view.

Another day, another hike.  Luckily, I went early morning but it was still hot.  There was a hill to climb to get there, and then down the hill on the other side.   That means a long hill going back to the parking lot!  This is Horseshoe Bend, where the Colorado River makes a big turn.

I was not going to get close to the edge, so I didn't get the entire river going around this bit formation.  I have seen those photos, and I think they used an airplane.  I did see some people sitting on the edge of the rocks with their feet dangling, and other people just standing right on the edge.  I can't get that close and I cringe when I see people doing that - it's a LONG way down!

Another gem in this area is the Antelope Canyon.  I will be visiting that shortly.


  1. You take the best pictures. Love reading of your adventures.