Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Zion National Park | Boondocking Areas

A friend and I had driven to Zion National Park for a day trip and planned to come back for a longer visit. While we were in the area, we decided to visit a few areas that may be suitable for boondocking.

We didn't find much on the internet, except along a road called Kolob Terrace Road.  The boondocking there is along a little river, but more suitable for van campers and tents.

You will see signs posted by BLM on the south side of Route 9 stating that these are "Your Public Lands" and you'll see quite a few dirt roads, including one paved one in this area.  Some of these roads are better than others, as usual for BLM land.

We noticed a few rigs quite far from Route 9 on the south side, as well as a few dirt roads leading into the area. The area we chose to visit was actually labeled with a street sign. We turned into Sheep Bridge Road and followed it for a couple of miles. We found a couple good large camping areas about 1.7 miles in, at 37° 11.836'   113° 13.177' .   There is a low cable over the road, but my 5th wheel, about 12 feet tall, made it under OK.  Going out, just use the left side of the road.

I have a small 5th wheel and my friend has a small travel trailer, so we picked the smaller site and stayed for about a week. The area was not heavily used while we were there, but does have some traffic. There were people with bikes as well as ATVs.

The scenery is quite good in this area, the typical desert foliage and some nice rock hills. There are a few pullouts along the road to where we camped, but they are right on the road, so it was nice to have our own little area.

It's about 10 miles to Hurricane, Utah, and about 15 to Zion National Park.  We found very little trash in our immediate area, but while driving around we found a campsite that was left with all sorts of trash.  I'm sure that situation was not caused by RVers, but please be sure to keep these areas clean.  We are lucky to have this vacant land to camp on without fees, I would hate to see them fenced off because of a few people who litter.

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