Monday, May 23, 2016

Grafton | Utah

Grafton is a ghost town just a short drive south of Rockville off Highway 9 in Utah, the road that leads to Zion National Park.

The first sign of the remains of the town was a sign for the Grafton Cemetery. We visited this area and noted that some of the grave markers have been updated/replaced, complete with plastic flowers on some of the graves.

A little further down the dirt road, we saw a beautiful green pasture with large trees, contrasting with the red rocks.

Shortly after that, we started seeing a couple of old buildings behind fences. We stopped and took some photos of the buildings, an old church with the bell still up in the steeple as well as a larger building that may have been a school.

There were other buildings nearby, another couple of houses and an old work wagon sitting in a field.

I love these old ghost towns and this is not very far off the beaten track, and it's on a relatively decent dirt road, so that's a bonus.

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