Monday, May 23, 2016

St George, Utah

Utah is well known for having a large Mormon population.  One of the most impressive buildings in St. George is the Mormon Temple of the Latter Day Saints which takes up an entire block.  It is a large multi-story, stark white building that can be seen from many locations in the city.

The grounds are immaculately kept and the front fence is lined with 5' tall rose bushes.  It is obviously very impressive.  The green lawn is striking, since the area surrounding the city is desert and red rocks!

There are multiple traffic circles in the area and one nearby has a very impressive display.  There were multiple red rock formations in this one as well as some bronze statues of horses, colts and one horse with an Indian aboard at full gallop.

This city is easy to get around and everything is available.  The scenery is great as you can see red rock cliffs and other formations as you drive around.

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