Friday, December 11, 2015

Rescate Christmas Boutique, San Carlos, Mexico


Mexico is full of vivid colors, as seen in the above photo of plates and bowls that were offered for sale at the annual sale to benefit Rescate, the ambulance service/emergency clinic that serves the San Carlos area.  This non-profit organization relies on donations and fund-raising events to provide funds to provide these services.  Donations are actually tax deductible in both the United States as well as Mexico.
I couldn't resist taking this photo of a cat enjoying the warm sunshine.  The sun was so bright today that it was difficult to get decent photographs.  The photo below shows most of this display. 

The mirror frames in the following photo were made from local shells and corrugated cardboard, beautifully put together.

There were many more items for sale, such as cookies, candies, Christmas decorations, jewelry, art work and other items.  One of the more unique items was the honey.  This shows the vendor's cart with a vat of honey and one section of honeycomb.  I had already gotten a large jar of honey and it is great.  It also costs a fraction of the cost that one would pay in the States. 
Also on hand were a group of students who were playing steel pans, and somehow, I didn't get a chance to get a picture of them playing.
If you're interested in more information on Rescate - check out their website -

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