Sunday, December 6, 2015

Around San Carlos, Mexico

I think this gnarled tree is really cool, even though graffiti has been carved into the limbs.  It's on a rocky beach in a small cove not far from town.  Below is a scene taken near the tree, I love that clear sea water.
I think this is a bit humorous.

This must be the San Carlos answer to Taco Bell!

This storage yard is not too far from my place, and it looks like they store almost everything, but I guess they draw the line on aliens. 
My neighborhood has multiple streets and homes that look like mansions or tiny cottages.  This person decided that his old boat would be a great idea for his residence.  I especially like the steps that are covered with palm fronds.
It was quite windy today close to sunset, the kite surfers were out this evening.  It seems to be windy in this beach area, even though where I'm living is quite calm at the same time.
This was tonight's sunset. 

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