Monday, December 21, 2015

Boat Names - San Carlos, Mexico

Because I like boats and wandering around marinas, I found a few boats with unique (or just interesting) names and I thought I'd share them with you.  The people who own the one above apparently live in theirs.
This next guy is confused if he thinks any boat is low maintenance.  Of course, it's lower maintenance than some of his neighbors.
This next name reflects what happens when you maintain a boat.  After all, BOAT means "bring out another thousand" - as in dollars!
This boat has a fun-loving crew living the crazy life.

Two dreams.....  Pretty paint job.

I'd be leary of name a boat like this - afraid it would act that way!

I'm assuming this boat's owner was a fan of the book War and Peace.  Maybe.

Some boats are slower than others.........

This is obviously a "reel" fishing boat!

 Watch out for this crew - it's Wild!

How people usually feel about their boats.

I have absolutely no idea......

And this was sunset the other night.....


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  1. Surreal Photo.... we stayed for a night in the Gringo Pete's Condos.. he's got very comfortable beds for an amazing price of 600 pesos a night, it's an unbeatable deal compared to 1,500 a night in nearest hotels in San Carlos.