Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hatch, New Mexico - Land of Chile

I've been staying at Elephant Butte Lake State Park in Truth or Consequences with a couple friends this week.  One of them had a great idea that we should travel down the road a bit to a place called Hatch.
Hatch is an area in southwestern New Mexico where most of the green and red chiles are grown. 
This product is an important staple in this state and one that New Mexico residents are proud of.  If you order chile in this state, don't expect to get chili with meat and beans that you'd find almost anywhere else.  You're going to get red or green chile here!  And it's spelled with an e on the end instead of an i!  It comes in degrees of hotness and red it the HOT one.  It can be chopped up and added to food or prepared as a sauce or salsa.  They are also used in Chile Rellenos.  They are also commonly used as a decoration, which you can see hanging in these photos.  The photo above is one of the many chile sale locations in Hatch and the photo below is the owner roasting some green chiles. 
This seems to be the most popular, well-known restaurant in town.  Unfortunately, when we went down, it was closed for the day.
This is right across the street from the restaurant and it seems that the owner of the restaurant wants to line the parking lot with giant-sized statues.
The side of the building is lined with old signs.
A short drive down the street is an RV sales lot.  We decided to pull in to check things out, and saw this old Airstream  -  a bad day for camping.

We had a great lunch there and after exploring town, had some ice cream at one of the little stores.  Great day trip!

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