Sunday, October 4, 2015

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta - Day 2

This morning, I got up at 5:30 to see the balloons glow as they rose from the earth.  We saw them on the ground, glowing, but they never went up.  The balloons were delayed due to weather - ominous clouds surrounded the area.  By 7:30 or so, it was light and the first balloons started to rise.  I took a few shots and the pilots were lucky that it didn't rain.  The morning was still so they rose slowly and just drifted around.  I'm sure if it had started to rain, they would have landed and packed up before it got too wet.  Rain is not good for the balloons.
This little grouping shows a special shaped balloon - a fish bowl!  How cute!
This one is a little dog sitting among the other balloons, including a blue chicken who wouldn't turn around.
Not sure who this is - but the shaped balloons are cute!
Time is not moving fast today!
Tropical birds!
Just another group with more to come in another few days.


  1. Your Balloon Fiesta posts are great! We are, and are in row 51 of the regular RV parking area. Where are you? Would you like to meet sometime while we're here? We could start a "Bslloon Fiesta blogging group" or something.

    1. My RV is at D12 - Wildcat 5th wheel. Come over maybe this evening or tomorrow evening if you want. If I'm not home, I should be at either of the 2 RVs in back of me or across from me. We're having a reunion of sorts with other solo women RVers.