Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Desert Scenery

I stopped for a couple days at an RV park in the middle of nowhere - no towns nearby, just an easy stop off the interstate going south in New Mexico.  While I was there, I took a drive around the area and found some interesting sights.  The above building was in a very small town about 15 miles away.  I have no idea what it was, but it was an interesting and well-built building.
This structure was up on a hill near the deserted building.  I couldn't get any closer because it was all fenced off but it was owned by a church, according to the mailbox.
The poor Post Office has seen it's better days, but at least they built a nice new one on a street nearby that will last for years to come.

Someone took time and effort to carve an image in this dead tree trunk and then paint it.  A nice little piece of artwork for his yard.
The Rio Grande!  Sure must have been bigger when they gave it that name! 
This one lane bridge was on the road past the RV park.  It doesn't look like it's very sturdy and it does have a weight limit. 
This is a common scene in the desert far from big cities.  Sad looking manufactured homes that had seen better days some years ago.

So, that was a short afternoon drive through the area I was staying in for a few days.  There are some days we don't see breathtaking sights, but just everyday sights.


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  1. The stone/adobe house is quite new and is not owned by the church. My father and I fell good that the place of Contreras and La Joya and also the exit 175
    was recognized thank you.
    -Ignacio M Gonzales