Thursday, September 3, 2015

Arches National Park - Part 2

For the next trip to Arches, I picked a nice sunny day - love the blue sky in my photos. It may have been hotter to hike, but I like the pictures better.

Not everything in this park is arches, as you can see by the balanced rock below. This one stands 128' tall, and there used to be a smaller balanced rock, but it tumbled down.
The broken arch has a very small crack at the top, which means it is subject to weather and erosion.

The Landscape Arch is very thin and if you look at the left side, you'll see a long horizontal crack in it. In 1991, there were other cracks like this and the weather finally chipped away a few parts of it. Before that happened, the trail went under the arch - but since it's so fragile, no one is allowed under it anymore.
This next rock formation is called "The Gossips" because it looks like people gathered together telling stories.
Just a few extra shots I like.....



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