Friday, September 18, 2015


Since Moab is known for rocks, I had to visit the local rock shop. It's a really cool place with petrified wood (sometimes polished shiny), fossils and rocks both polished and not. Since mining goes with rocks, there was some old mining equipment in the front. Inside, they had relics from the mining days, old lanterns and tools.

This clear substance is more of a crystal than rock. Actually, lots of crystals and agates are prettier than some rocks.

This stone actually has little things growing in it, making it look like little branches of matter.

Below is a specimen of sandstone, one of my favorite rocks. It comes in many shades, all within one rock.

This is another great example of sandstone - this was a small piece, about 3 x 6", but gorgeous.  They call this picturestone. 

This is a great piece of semi-polished petrified wood.

This is a piece of rock that has a fossil of a fish in it.

As you can see, buying these special rocks can get expensive. So, all I did was look, and take some photos to share.

More rocks.....




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