Sunday, May 3, 2015

Seligman, Arizona - on Route 66

Seligman is a small town, about a mile long, that has survived on Route 66, mainly because of its close proximity to Interstate 40. And the dedication of the two brothers (one now deceased) who ran the Snow Cap, a drive in restaurant where you're sure to get pranked if you go in. They have door knobs on each side of the exit door, with signs saying "Push", so you have a 50% chance of using the door knob that doesn't work. The sign outside says Burritos, Tacos and Dead Chicken.

When I arrived, it was lunch time, so I walked over to the Road Kill Cafe where the menu was composed by someone with a morbid sense of humor. Funny, but a little gross if you were sensitive. You could choose from items such as Tire Track Snack, Roadside Remnants, Rack of Raccoon, Bad Brake Steak and many more. If your stomach could handle the humor, the food was good.

Typically Route 66, there were old vehicles at the tourist stores, some in decent shape and others that have been allowed to weather. The first day I was there the town was quiet. The second day was the Fun Run, a yearly event that brings all the car buffs out in full force. Vintage cars in great shape with beautiful paint jobs were cruising up and down the streets. Some newer cars were jazzed up with neon lights and other additions. This is in addition to vintage cars around town that are there for decoration - in good shape or rusting. This VW van has been autographed by visitors.

There are the typical tourist shops, this one is in a converted gas station, which is a great way to keep the town from looking like it's dying.

Murals on the sides of buildings are alive and well here and some of them were quite well done.

Route 66 was full of neon signs in past years, but only a few exist here. The Snow Cap is the most popular, shown above, but there were a couple motels that had them also.

It was a fun little town, especially since the car rally was going on, and it definitely was worth visiting.  I have made a slide show of more photos of Seligman, available at


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