Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sedona, Arizona, Red Rock Country

Sedona is a very tourist-oriented city.   The scenery is striking with all the red rock formations.  There are dozens of hikes ranging from easy, short treks to multi-mile excursions.  It is also a very expensive area to find lodging.  As a result the RV parks are very expensive and I've been camping in the National Forest.  This gives me more experience at boondocking.

Yesterday my traveling friend and I took off in the morning to explore the area.  The area we traveled was to view these rocks formations.  They are massive and it's hard to show any indication of the size. Then we took a trip up a narrow winding road to an area of higher elevation where the tall pine trees climbed the steep sides of the mountains.  It was such a contrast from where we had been staying with the small trees and scrubby brush in the National Forest.

There was a bridge over a canyon which was very picturesque.  In the valley below the canyon you can see a small river if you look closely.


  1. This area is on my bucket list. Such beautiful scenery. Loved your pictures.

    1. I'll be going back there soon - to do hiking around the red rocks! I might even do another blog about it if I get some new/different photos.