Thursday, May 21, 2015

Between Boondocking

I have been doing a lot of boondocking lately.  It seems that there's always a problem trying to find a place to fill up with fresh water and dump the tanks between boondocking spots.    There have been suggestions of finding a truck stop or sometimes fuel stations have facilities.  However, some of them are a bit difficult to maneuver in, especially when busy. 
Recently I stayed about 10 days in a National Forest and wanted to camp in a different National Forest nearby.  Since there were no truck stops or other facilities between the spots, I checked into an RV Park on the way.   Passport America gives a 50% discount on camping at certain member campground, and there was one halfway between the two destinations.  A perfect solution - overnight stay, do my laundry there and have a nice long hot shower.  I just pulled in and set up, didn't disconnect the truck, just took the weight off the bed.  A perfect solution, and reasonable.  Passport America is probably the number one membership to have, it's very reasonable and you make up the cost in a couple stays.  BUT, this is not meant to be an advertisement.
Next morning, I took off for the next boondocking spot and was able to park with a great view out my back window.  The ridge in the distance has multi-color rock layers through it, mostly shades of red.  On clear days, I can see the peaks of mountains peeking over the top of the ridge, still all covered in snow.

The view on the other side is the sunset, which happened to be beautiful the other night.
When I decide to move to my next boondocking area, I'll probably be staying at Dead Horse State Park.  Yeah, I know - weird name, but apparently there was a dead horse there one time before they decided what to name the park.  Below is a photo of one of their lagoons, which, unfortunately is not where the campground is.


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