Monday, April 13, 2015

Route 66 in Arizona - Kingman to Peach Springs

This part of Route 66 is mostly past Hackberry, just outside of Kingman, and goes to the Indian town of Peach Springs, named for the trees in the next photo.  Peach Springs and the surrounding land is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation.  Compared to the areas on Route 66 near this town, it's quite a large community.
On the way into town, this billboard reminds us to put our trash in the proper place.
This RV park is now home to some permanent residents in the back of this motel.  Some of the old motel units are rented by area residents also.
There was a gas station along the road, with snacks and drinks, and a little burro in a fenced in area.  He got bored with me since I didn't have any food for him.
This gas station is still in business, although on a smaller scale than the one where the burro lives.
Not far from this gas station, I saw a truck by the side of the road with a sign stating the owner buys antlers.  As I walked by after I took this photo,  he made a comment about the antlers.  I asked him if there were lots of them around the area and he told me that since they are shed each year, there are quite a few laying around in the desert surrounding the road.  I had no idea that antlers were shed each year, it's amazing to me that they can grow this large within a year.  I'm learning all sorts of useless information on this adventure!

 There are a couple small old, closed motels along this stretch, this one had the biggest sign.

This old car and sign were in front of this motel, but the entire place was closed up and probably had been for years. 


Route 66 is fun to explore and there are a few more areas I'll hit as I travel east in Arizona.

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