Thursday, April 16, 2015

Change in plans - again!

I was ready to leave Kingman Arizona, I'd been there about 10 days. We had a cold front come through and where I was going was higher elevation and it was predicted to be really cold for the next week.  I am a Florida/Caribbean person and I really don't like cold weather!
I got out my trusty little Road Atlas and started looking where I could go that wasn't cold. The only answer was to head kind of west.
Hoover Dam has been on my list of places to see and it was right next to Las Vegas, which I didn't want to go to, but  close to Lake Mead recreation area.  I checked the elevation and the predicted weather - it was going to be almost 80ish in the daytime and at night time about 60 ish.  Okay - I can deal with that kind of weather!
Most of the way here was the Mojave Desert mostly flat with mountains off in the distance.  Until I got really close to those mountains and then the scenery was awesome.  The road went through all those peaks.  There were a couple bridges going through some of the area and I didn't have the time to look around because I was towing.  There were a couple of pulloffs along the side of the road but they went up the hill and I didn't know if there would be a turnaround space for me or not.  As always, I bypass something that might get me into trouble.
The visitor center and camping area of the Lake Mead area is not very far from Hoover Dam so it's a perfect place to stay.  In the next day or so I'll drive down and tour the dam and get photos of that area.
As a bonus - the visitor center here has wifi!  So I was able to sit out on a bench in fresh air with beautiful scenery and get this post done on my phone.
Next time I'll bring my computer here!

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