Friday, April 10, 2015

Chloride, Arizona, an old mining town.

I took a trip to Chloride today, an old mining town from the 1860s that has been kept alive by the residents.  There are old buildings that look like they're in great shape, the brown one is from 1928 and is now an antique store. 

The old gas station in town is in great shape and there is a sign on the front door announcing that someone has refurbished it into their home.

Another nice, newer home had a wonderful yard full of flowers and local plants, as well as a couple little buildings such as this gnome retirement home.
Most of the residents had all sorts of found objects and antiques in their yards, from old mining equipment to bottles.
This man had a small fenced in area in front of his workshop.  He had all sorts of things in there, including an outhouse and ducks that had their own wading pond.
On the signs along the road to town there were signs telling people that there were free restrooms in town.  This one was right out in front of the general store.
Another sign along the road offered homesteads and mail-order partners.  I'm not quite sure if this was going during the mining days, but it shows a sense of humor.  There are a couple homes and property for sale, so you could still get a homestead in this town.
The old railroad station was on a back street, closed down for years.
As I walked in back of the station, I saw a few of the tenants.  I think they were as surprised as I was.  I found out later that the residents feed them, but they still are leary of humans. 

There are a couple of these old water towers in town.   I don't know if they're replicas or if they've been refurbished but they're picturesque.

I enjoyed my tour of the town and had lunch at one of the restaurants.  It's a quiet, relaxing little town and I got really lazy sitting on one of the swing seats on the porch of the restaurant.  But then, I decided it was time to head home.



  1. How nice that the residents are keeping the past alive in the present. Lovely trip via the armchair for your readers

    1. Thanks for your comments - I do love seeing these revitalized towns.