Monday, February 23, 2015

Perfect Marshmallow?

While camping, I like to have a campfire if at all possible, and that includes toasted marshmallows. I like mine done lightly brown with the center all liquid marshmallow. I don't like mine burned at all, I'm very particular about how mine are done.

While I was at the store the other day, I saw the giant size marshmallows – they're huge - they have to be about 5 times larger than the regular size. And they're only 90 calories – each! OK, I'll try them, just for a change. If you like to have fun with your food – you have to try a bag of these!

The first night I tried them, I got it all toasty brown all the way around and tried to get it off the stick. The toasty brown part came off the rest of the marshmallow that was still on the stick. This isn't something you can just pop in your mouth like the regular size marshmallows. No, this requires multiple bites, with the gooey liquid marshmallow oozing out both the top and bottom. It oozes a bit more with each bite, so, by the time I finished eating that part, it was all over my fingers. Not to mention a few sticky specks on my chin. But just like fried chicken – it's finger licking good!

The next marshmallow came off the stick with more inside, and of course, left more goo on my already sticky fingers. Somehow, there was a chunk of it that was still raw inside – I mean it was still solid. Did I mention that I don't like raw marshmallows? Yes, I know, it doesn't make sense.

By this time, I not only had gooey marshmallow substance all over my left hand, but it somehow got on my roasting stick and in turn, got some on my right hand. Then a breeze picked up and I felt a couple strands of hair fly in my face. Yep, you got it – now I had marshmallow goo in my hair. The whole thing made me giggle, I felt like a kid roasting marshmallows for the first time. At least this bag of marshmallows provided some good laughs – the bag advertises that they're perfect for S'mores but I can't even imagine the mess that would make! And be careful to put them on the stick perfectly in the middle. If they're off center at all, as they roast, the weight of them will make them slowly sag off to one side and you'll probably lose the entire thing.

Reminder to self – do not buy any more giant marshmallows. Stick with the more cooperative regular size!

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