Friday, February 13, 2015

California Oasis

There are a few things that California does right. When I towed my 5th wheel into the state on Route 8, the speed limit was 70, which has been typical of most states.   I have never towed that fast and I don't want to.   Imagine my reaction when the next sign stated that anyone towing anything has a maximum speed limit of 55!   Great!!   I like that!   I usually don't tow over 60, but I'm happy doing 55.   It was so nice not having the huge tractor trailers zooming past.

Across the street from the BLM land where I'm staying are the hot springs that this area is named for.  I walked over there yesterday and I was a bit disappointed after seeing hot springs in New Mexico – but of course, some of those were in really nice areas.   These hot springs are 2 concrete lined square pools, one about the size of a bathtub and the other about 5 times larger.   There was also a long pipe spraying multiple jets of water out over a concrete area so that one could stand there with hot water pummeling their body.   I was told that the larger pool is the hotter one, and the smaller one is about 118 degrees, which sounded quite hot to me.

I walked out of the gate and took a path around a shaded area with tall palms.   As I walked down this path, I came to an opening and saw a small pond nestled in the palms.  Wow, that was a surprise!   The signs stated that no swimming was allowed, but there was a couple swimming.  They claimed that it was just for liability reasons and that everyone swam in the pond.   I checked and it was chilly, certainly not the same hot spring water supply!   Amazing to have two totally different water sources so close together, especially in the desert where it's surprising to have any kind of water at all.

The pond was pretty with all those lush palms, they were not the typical palms that were in my area in Florida.   The water, however, looked like something you'd see in Florida rivers, meaning mostly dark water, and I expected to see an alligator silently raise his head out of the water. With that in mind, I know I won't be taking a dip in that pond.

The sunset my first day at this campsite was pretty, typical of desert sunsets. 

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