Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why, Arizona

The town of Why is not much more than an intersection in the desert, with a gas station, a locally run restaurant, some residences and other buildings.  Plus, there is a huge complex for the Border Patrol, which has a huge presence in the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico.   The reason it's called Why is because they wanted to name it Y for the form it made on a map, the intersection of 3 roads coming together. The state told them the city name had to be at least 3 letters long - so they just lengthened the name to Why.

There are multiple RV parks in the area and it's one of the areas that Rvers come from Canada and northern states to live for the winter. Some of them leave their rigs year-round and just drive a car down. There's lots of hiking, a few trails, but you don't really need trails, there are big hills around and you just have to go up a few feet, look around, and get a bearing on how to get back to the park.  There are a quite a few hikers in the park; I met 2 out there in the desert today, they were collecting rocks, as I do when I see something interesting.  These burros are a different group than I saw the other day - they were just standing there staring at me as I passed.

I found the remains of an old Ford pickup truck, in pieces - it had been there quite a while.

There are 2 gas stations - the one on the main road is called Why Not? The gas station across the street is closed and up for sale.

Next to the gas station is the one and only restaurant - Granny Mac's.  I haven't tried it yet, but Robin, my traveling friend, will be here over the weekend and I'm sure we'll check it out. 

The other operating station is at the casino, most likely the smallest casino in the state. The casino shares the building with a convenience store and I think the store has more space. 

Along with another old gas station that is closed and up for sale, and a few homes in the neighborhood - that's the grand tour of Why.

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