Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ajo Art - Ajo, Arizona

Ajo is a small town in southern Arizona, about 40 miles north of the Mexican border.  It's a nice little town and apparently there have been some artists living here.  The sign above is a mosaic that greets you as you drive into town.
The photo below is a painting that wraps around the corner of the building housing a clothing shop.
The lizard sculpture below is on the wall of a home in a residential section.

This painting is on a commercial building on the mail road through town.  The artist starts on the left side with upside down images that morph into images right side up.

Below is a painting on a garage door belonging to a man who worked for the railroad for many years.
And the mosaic below is on the steps of a residential house. 
The following photo is on the newspaper/book store building. 
An interesting community, but I'm not sure why they gave it a Spanish word that means garlic.  One theory was that the Spanish thought they were using the word for paint that the local Indian tribe used for the area where they got their red pigment.

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