Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ajo, Arizona

Ajo is a town just north of Why where there are even more RV parks, and there are stores and other businesses that visitors may need.  It seems like a nice, quiet town with a central plaza that used to be the train station and now houses the Visitor Center and other shops.  
Across from the plaza and park area, there are two large churches, both stark white and very stunning.  The one below is the Catholic church.

The next photo is the church for most of the other religions, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, etc.  We learned this in the historical museum from a couple of very knowledgeable guides.

The photo below shows an open pit copper mine that operated for years, but mostly from 1914 through 1984.  There was also gold and silver brought out of the mine.  The mine is 1.5 miles across one way and 1.25 miles the other way and 1100 feet deep.  The terraces as seen in the photo below are 40 feet high, which can give you some perspective.  However, as I stood there and looked at it, I had a hard time believing that it was that big around and that deep.  One of the guides at the museum down the road felt that it may be opened again in the future.  Because this mine is impossible to fit into a photograph, I did a little video clip which can be seen at
At the museum, there were numerous displays of photos, historical papers and displays as well as a collection of rocks and minerals from this area, as well as other areas.  However, my favorite display, aside from the rocks, was outside the building - an old safe........
One of the most impressive buildings in town was the old school  as shown in the photo below.  There is a large center section and two wings on each side, only one of which is shown below.  It's a massive building and very well maintained.  The museum guide told us that it has been sectioned off into apartments and is now a residential building. 
During our tour of town and the museum, we had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  Good thing both Robin and I like Mexican food! 

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