Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Non-tourist Days

This is a departure from my usual travelogue-type blog post, since I haven't done much touristy stuff the past couple days. That doesn't mean I wasn't busy.

But first, a photo from an area called Dragoon Mountains an area with granite rocks that are sitting all over, perched on each other and somehow staying there without tumbling down. It's an amazing area and, unfortunately, hard to get to. The interstate goes right through them and you really can't stop and take photos, except at the rest area. The photo above is the same area, I'm sitting near a little cave created from the boulders.

Everyone says to get rubber roofs on the RVs checked each year and it's been just over a year since I had mine checked. The mobile repair guy came out and checked it but will be coming back to do some work on it. Seems that some of the bedding compound that has been up there has a few cracks in it, so he will be fixing those. That happens with age and the sun out here in the west is pretty intense, especially at high altitudes, which is where I was pretty much all summer. 

  The pocket door between my bedroom/bathroom and the living area has been off its track for months. The part that rides on the rails to make the door slide broke and another one has been ordered. After that's installed, I'll be able to have a door to close if I want to.

Yesterday I had to take the cat to the vet - she has a recurring tumor on her back and this vet has suggested possible medication vs surgery again. The poor kitty is 15 years old and she still has lots of spunk, as the doctor found out - she does NOT want to be touched by anyone but me. Typical feral cat behavior. I'm still waiting to hear what she's found out from her research.

Tomorrow, my traveling friend Robin and I will be back in the tourist mode, visiting Kartchner Caverns. Unfortunately, they don't allow cameras down there, so I will not be taking any photos. I'm going to feel incomplete, going somewhere new and not taking pictures. It will still be fun.




  1. Rode through Benson a couple of weeks ago on the way to Tombstone. Awesome scenery!

  2. Glad you found the roof issue before you had any leaks. Lucky to find a good mobile RV tech too. Enjoying your posts.