Monday, November 24, 2014

Casino Time!

For anyone who knows me, they will know what a departure this is for me.  My traveling friend, Robin, said we just had to go to the casino.  OK, I was game (pun unintended) for an outing.   We went in and registered, were given a card with a $10 credit on it - plus a receipt for a free buffet.  Nice, I like food!  We decided since we had just had lunch, we would save it for another day when we would be prepared to face a buffet. 
Last time I visited a casino, it was with my sister-in-law (Hi, Mary!).  It had been so long since I'd been in one before that, I was depressed that there wasn't a handle to pull.  I couldn't get used to the concept of just hitting buttons.  No more cups of quarters either, you just put in your card, feed it paper money and keep playing.  It's really easy to get into playing too much if you're not inclined to be paying attention to how much you're feeding the machine.  We didn't stay long and I walked out of there $15 richer than when I went in.  Not bad, but not great.
Today we were out and about and ready for lunch, so we stopped at a different casino for food.  This one gave us $10 to play with, but no free buffet.  We do get a 5% discount on whatever food they had, plus free soda or iced tea.  Robin did pretty good, she got on a couple machines that allowed her to keep playing for quite a while.  I tried a few machines and only found one that made it possible for me to play for a short time without feeding it.  In all, I played away the $15 I had won the first night before and I also put a few dollars into the machine.  When I cashed out, I got back 18 cents!  I'm glad I cashed out on a machine, not with a human cashier!   That would have been embarrassing.
We had pizza for lunch and after a while, we decided to go back for dessert.  We both have a really bad sweet tooth (or teeth!).  Robin saw it first - a giant éclair - the biggest one I've ever seen.  We decided it was too much for either one of us alone, so we decided to split it.  I don't usually take photos of my food, many people do, and then post them on the internet.  But - this time, this dessert was worthy of a photo.   See below - and that's a regular sized plastic knife next to it!  Yummmm!
 Tomorrow we go back for our free buffet.  This should be interesting......


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