Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee is an old mining town, they have the original older section and then the newer area. A friend and I visited the older area, with narrow, winding streets and old well-built buildings.

The photo above shows a hotel from years gone by, built right in the middle of downtown and nicely maintained, still serving their guests. There was one building that had at least a dozen solar panels on the roof and also had a sign on the outside wall about watching the meter turn as the sun was soaking the panels with energy. Each store/office in that building had a sign on the door stating that it was fully powered by solar energy. A great idea for an area that has many sunny, cloudless days.

Driving around town, we saw an eclectic collection of homes, some nicely painted and decorated, such as the one shown below.

Bisbee has creative people, as evidenced by a sign on an old flight of concrete steps, they call it the Bisbee 1000 Steps.  It didn't even look like even 100 steps to me, but maybe it's named that since it probably feels like 1000 when you're climbing them!


The Peace Wall is also nicely done and done on a standing rock wall that stands along the road.

Outside of the little town is the Lavender Mine, one of the copper mines active in the 1950s. There were 2 other mines adjacent to this one that were started earlier. This mine stopped production in the 1970s, below is a photo of the mine pit as it exists today.


Bisbee is an interesting area to visit and a very pretty drive to get there.  The Copper Queen Mine, active starting in the late 1880s, is located near the town, and they give tours down into the mine.  Take a jacket if you do the tour - it's about 47 degrees down there!

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