Sunday, September 23, 2018

Strawberry Reservoir | Utah

This is a very small area of the Strawberry Reservoir.  For those who are curious, I never saw any strawberries growing around here.  There are 7 campgrounds scattered around this part of the lake.  Out of those, only 1 has hookups, for people who must have air conditioning and other comforts.

My first site was overlooking the marina, of course.  Most days started out sunny and then started to cloud up midday.  This was sunset light, sometimes the best times to take shots.  Below is a little ground squirrel, they seem to be shy in this area.

I have no idea what kind of birds are, but I just like the shot.

This gives an idea how far away some of these campgrounds area.  I stayed in this campground the second time I was here this summer.
An old boat dock was in this little cove, but it has been retired. 
Following are photos during the second visit to this area this summer.  Just a different loop in the campground, different views.  I think I liked the views on my second visit more than the first visit.

Clouds sometimes create great sunsets. 


  1. Your ground squirrel looks more like a prairie dog to me. :)

    1. I thought so at first also. I asked the camp host and he told me they were ground squirrels. I did notice that they did not chatter like a prairie dog would.

  2. Aren't the fall flowers beautiful this year? Your flower pic is nice.

    1. That was such a nice area. I'm in southern Utah now and still up at elevation, so some of the trees are starting to turn different colors.