Monday, September 4, 2017

Cadillac Ranch | Amarillo | Texas

Since I had not been to the panhandle of Texas, I decided to hop the border from New Mexico to the Amarillo area.  I'd heard of the Cadillac Ranch, saw photos, but hadn't seen it in person.  There are 10 old Cadillacs buried nose down in the ground, muddy ground when I was there.  From the frontage road right by Interstate 40, there are corn fields.  This field had a wide path to this tribute to Cadillacs.

As I approached, I smelled spray paint, people were spraying names, sayings and designs on these old cars.  There is so much paint on them that the surfaces are textured, big blobs of paint, some running down the sides.  For sure, if they were rusting before, they certainly are not rusting now!

Because people were leaving spray cans for other people to use, I picked up one and put my initial on one of the cars, just for fun.

Texas does it big,  like this 47' tall statue called Tex Randall, who was built by the owner of a curio shop in the 1950s to catch the attention of travelers.

And then Texas has some things that are over the top........

Another attention-getter is this dinosaur outside the steakhouse.

I'm not promoting this restaurant, I didn't even go inside.  Now that I think of it, there may have been some interesting things inside also.  The big draw here is that if you can consume a 72 ounce steak for dinner - then the dinner is free.  Of course, there's a time limit  - 1 hour!  The thought makes me a little queasy......  There were all sorts of cars and limos on the property with the restaurant name - check out the steer horns on these.....

The restaurant and the signs were moved from Route 66 when the interstate came through.

The sidewalks around this steakhouse had branding marks pressed into the concrete.

How many people have a zebra along with donkeys and cows??  I saw this one while I was driving along....

Yes, Texas is a little bit different...... 


  1. We put Amarillo on our route as often as we can. It has so many quirky and interesting spots to visit. If you are into horses at all the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame is fun to visit. Thanks for reminding us with your great pictures.

  2. Should have went in the Texan not only do they have awaweso decor the food is terrific