Monday, September 11, 2017

Oasis State Park | Portales | New Mexico

This is where I spent the Labor Day holiday weekend.  It was a nice quiet park with prairies all around.  This next shot is my campsite, actually only half of it because it was so shaded at that end.  I could have fit another RV in it! 
There are sand dunes in the area and there were lots of deer footprints in this area.  I never did see any deer, although I was told there were quite a few bucks there.
This little guy was always hanging around the lake, but I didn't see any of his friends.
On my way to the lake one evening, this little guy was crossing the road.  I didn't want him to get hit by a car, so I just hung around until he got the other side.

I love the color of this dragonfly, and he was nice enough to pose for me.  When he was flying around, it was like a flash of gold in the sun.
Another dragonfly was really striking when he was flying around, you'd just see the light wingtips fluttering.  He wasn't that good at posing, though.

A fishing tournament was held at the lake one day on the weekend.  Lots of people showed up to catch catfish since the lake was stocked.

Sunset at camp one night.
A few nights later, we had a full moon rising. 


  1. Natural beauty abounds!
    Looks like a nice stay, Betty

    1. I did enjoy it. New Mexico is a pretty place.