Friday, July 7, 2017

Heron Lake State Park | New Mexico


Ospreys are in the southwest as well as places like Florida -  I was surprised to find them here.  I found a nest that I was able to photograph, after waiting patiently.

She then "flew the coop" after staring at me intently, wishing I would go away.   

The Rio Chama runs through part of the park, and this is the great view from the trailhead.  Easy going down, but coming up is strenuous.

I love this little island, which at one time was a peninsula when the water level was very low.  It has come up quite a bit since I was here 3 years ago.

The reservoir is quite large, with rocky shoreline as well as sand in different areas.

A marina for small boats is available for those who want to leave a boat in the water, or stay overnight on the dock.  A dry storage area is available also.

The Heron Dam is not spectacular looking, but some of us campers got a little tour, with lots of specifications and details.  The machine shown below tracks the lake level each hour.

We didn't get to see inside this control panel, but the look of it from the outside is intimidating enough!

This ladder goes down 275 feet to the guts of the dam, but we didn't get to go down - probably a good thing, because we had a large group.

 My campsite is huge, with steps leading down to a backyard and firepit as well as a large table off to the side under some large shade trees. 

My shade trees are quite picturesque.


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  1. No way would I climb a steep slope or wait in the heat to see the osprey's nest! So thanks for filming it for your lazy friends.