Thursday, July 20, 2017

Eagle Nest State Park | New Mexico

Mornings are pretty here and I have been out taking hikes in different areas of the lake.

This is a white pelican and he has black on his wings that you only see when he's flying.  I have made several attempts to get a good photo of these, but they can see me coming a mile away!

Even though it's nice and warm here, there is still snow on the mountains.  We're up at almost 8000', so that's much higher.

These little prairie dogs are so cute and it's hard to get them to pose.

The town of Eagle Nest is small and rustic.


I love these guest cottages.

A place called Eagle Nest must have a metal sculpture of an eagle!
 I was in the gas station store and saw a customer looking at these, so I just had to get a photo of them.  The New Mexico people just love their chiles and it's on every menu in the state.  I'm not sure about it in candy though......


This little guy lives in my back yard.  The camp host said he was a chipmunk.  I did find out a few weeks later that it's a Thirteen Lined Ground Squirrel! 

And my campsite!


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