Monday, January 16, 2017

Cow Plop Bingo | San Carlos | Sonora | Mexico

I had never heard of Cow Plop Bingo until I came to San Carlos in Mexico.  Now I know what it is and how it works, although I don't know if anyone else does this.  Above, you can see the grid laid out in squares which corresponds to the chart below - which has numbers randomly placed in all the squares.  Numbered tickets were sold, corresponding to the numbers on this chart.
While everyone was arriving and socializing, lunch was being prepared by the Rotary Club, who sponsors this event.  Ribs, beans and hot dogs were on the menu, along with soft drinks and harder drinks.  Hot dogs were served with your choice of chopped tomatoes (they looked like they may have had a bit of heat added), mayonnaise, onions, ketchup, mustard - any or all of it.
Even the smallest kids were on horses.

These two were dancing to the music that was playing between the plopping events.
This guy was really good - snagging that piece of branch multiple times with the lasso.  I was wondering how they kept the cows from wandering off the grid and into the crowd.  This guy is the main reason they were under control during this event, as well as some of the others from the local ranch. 

When the cows came out, they were under control with a lasso around their neck and another cowboy had a line around one of the cow's back feet.

Then, the cow was able to move around the grid until he produced a plop in one of the squares, which was then located on the chart shown.  The winner of the grid that was plopped upon won 5000 pesos, about $230 US dollars.  Three different cows were brought out for the event.  
The first two cows were taken off to a nearby stretch of land to be released to find their way home. 
The last cow actually had the hardest time producing anything.


He was out there for almost a half hour while the cowboys were moving him around the grid. 

He was not a happy camper and I was feeling sorry for him.  Finally, he squeezed out something and they let him go.  The event was over and that was one happy animal!


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