Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Slice of Life in San Carlos | Sonora | Mexico

Dogs at the beach!  They love it, get to socialize with other dogs, and they don't have to find a doggy park.   Most beaches in the States are off limits to dogs.

The area I live in is mostly dirt roads and the majority of dogs have the run of the area, but stay close to home.  This is a typical photo of Mexican dogs - taking a nap wherever they feel like it.  You do get used to it......

I watched two men clear this lot next to my RV site.  It took them 2 days with shovels and a machete to get it cleared for construction.

This photo and the next shows construction on a road that is quite heavily trafficked.  Only one man has been working on this area, using shovels and other tools.  He uses whatever he can find to block off traffic on the spots he works on.

We do have lots of beauty here - I was just waiting for a friend to open the gate to her house when I snapped this with my cell phone. 

This shot was taken at the beach while dolphins were playing in the water.  I got a few shots of just fins breaking the surface, and finally got a tail shot.  He was quite far away.
And this is what life is like in San Carlos, Mexico - very relaxed and laid-back. 

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