Monday, July 4, 2016

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum | Utah

This state park is well known for its petroglyphs, carvings on rock walls that date back prior to 1300 AD.

We can only imagine the stories they were telling us.  As you can see by the last photo, time and weather does not treat them kindly.

There is also a well-maintained cottage from some pioneers back in the early 1900s.  If you notice the second picture, it's a view of the back of the cottage - you can tell that the roof is made of mud and other natural materials.

As well as doing carvings of their stories in the rocks, they also find natural dye material and make paintings.  In this case, the picture above shows hand prints which are very common from that era.  It does say 100 hands, but there have been only 31 counted in this little alcove.

The Indians who lived here lived in pithouses.  They dug a hole in the ground, reinforced it, and then put a type of domed ceiling/roof on it.   The first photo shows the outside view and the second is a view from the inside.

Below are some of the views that can be seen around the park.


  1. thanks for the pictures! We're thinking about going there this summer!

    1. Utah has some fantastic scenery. Moab is famous for the Arches National Park as well as Canyonlands. I really like the Antelope Island State Park near Salt Lake City, and of course there's Zion and Bryce Canyon. Enjoy!