Thursday, February 25, 2016

San Carlos Scenery

One day I took a drive up on a hill to a neighborhood called the Caracol, which is Spanish for snail.  The road in this exclusive neighborhood winds around the hill and back down again and is very steep - thank goodness there is no snow here!

This is the view of part of the town and the Sea of Cortez.

The main marina in town - always lots of boats here.

The beach here has sand, but also rocks (these are just pebbles) along the high tide line that are washed up on shore.  Most of them are worn smooth by interaction with the sea and sand over time, like rocks in a tumbler.  I just picked a few to show what amazing patterns and colors that we find here.  I just love pretty rocks - and these are great, totally different from ones I've collected in other places.

I just happened to be at the marina when this drove in to launch a boat!  I have been finding this type of truck rusting away in the desert in Arizona.  Mexicans fix things to work for a LONG time!
This little guy below is the reason I have to keep refilling my birdfeeder.   Not only does he drink lots of it, but he spills quite a bit because he's so heavy!

This anchor is great, probably weighs a ton. 
Another wonderful sunset, although this one didn't turn the sky red and reflect red off the water.   


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