Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Snowslide Campground, San Juan National Forest - Colorado

I was boondocking for a week at Snowslide Camp outside of Durango, Colorado. It's an organized campground with good level sites, wooded, with sturdy picnic tables and a large campfire ring. So, there are fees, but they're reasonable. There is a water pump with good water at another camp just up the road, you just have to work at it.

Plus, there's a little stream that goes by the campground not too far from the sites. If you like the sound of water running over rocks, this is for you.

When you explore the area, you'll find lots of things, some you don't even have to look for - they'll find you. This little guy was on my neighbor's table one morning after I saw him running around to see what kind of trouble he could get into.

It's a scenic road to the campground, just off a main road headed west from Durango. This old building was picturesque.
If you explore up the road a mile or so, you can find waterfalls and other campgrounds that do not have a fee, but they are not as nice as this one - they're more rustic. Read "roads that are rutted and no picnic tables".

The entire area has lots of wildflowers that were blooming, and some nice hiking trails.

My area had lots of hummingbirds buzzing around. They would fly by your head within inches.



  1. What a great campground! Fantastic hummer pictures. Hope that little furry guy didn't get into anything in your RV that he shouldn't have. So cute but so much potential trouble. lol

    1. This one built a nest in my neighbor's storage box. In another Forest, I had something build a nest in my basement. Luckily, no babies! It was a great campsite.