Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Four Corners

There is only one place in the US where you can stand in 4 different states all at the same time, at Four Corners - Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet there.

The center of the plaza contains the bronze marker where people line up to have their photos taken standing in four states at once. While I was there, kids did hand stands and back arches while their parents took pictures. It was hard to get a photo of just the center with the state seals and names without people.

The corner was established in 1868 by surveyors, but the marker has been changed/updated 4 times since then. The existing marker was placed in 1992.
If anyone was in a shopping mood, the area was surrounded with buildings open on one side for stalls where the local people could sell their jewelry, sand paintings, T shirts and other items.


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