Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting Ready

While I'm waiting for my truck to be delivered from up in New York, I've been buying things for my new home.  Most of it is small stuff, to make it safer and more comfortable.  I ordered some LED lightbulbs that will save on electric when I'm not plugged into a campground.  I had them on my last boat and they were terrific.  They hardly use any power at all.  Now that I know the ones I ordered will work and emit enough light, I'll order another batch to put in all the rest of the fixtures. 

The biggest purchase has not been made yet, but I have tracked it down and know exactly what I need.  The tires that are on the 5th wheel now are new - only a year old and they haven't been very many places.  But, in doing research, I'm finding that the "load range" of tires, for my unit, should be a step higher than the ones on it now.  This means that I'll have tougher tires, capable of carrying more weight, thereby being safer.  Also, I'm getting a different brand that has been rated quite good on some of the forums I've been searching on.  These forums are strictly RV people - some with decades of knowledge.  I don't know how many hours I've spent researching this, on the internet, visits to tire shops and reading pages of forum comments.  It's great to learn all about this in the beginning, and not out on the road after there's been a blowout.

Most of the other stuff I've purchased,  have been small items.   I got a fire extinguisher, flares and reflective triangles for the truck - just in case.  My theory is that if I have them - I won't need them - I hope it really works that way.  I ordered a nice cutting board cover for my stove, since the previous owner tossed out the metal stove cover.  The CO2 detector should have been replaced last year, so I have one on order -  these things only last a few years and it expired last year.   

I have an anode for the water heater - if only I can get the old one out.....   I have penetrating oil on it now and will find someone with more muscles to try to get it out. All these systems keep reminding me that this is very similar to living on a boat.  I found a website where I can enter all my maintenance tasks and the dates they need to be done - it will send me an email reminder a couple days before. 

Things are moving along nicely and when I get my truck, I will take the 5th wheel in to get the roof cleaned and coated and the furnace checked out.  Then it goes for the tires and at the end of the month, I plan to move it to a campground and move in completely!   Then I'll need someone to buy my car and house and I'll be ready.   Oh, yeah, and I have to practice driving, and backing up, and hooking up and unhooking and........

As in sailboat cruising, I'm sure these plans are written in the sand at low tide.....

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