Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sons of Freedom Pajama Parade San Carlos | Mexico

The Sons of Freedom is a local motorcycle club that gets together at their clubhouse for socializing, as well as sponsoring various events in town, such as this parade, and gathering Christmas gifts for children in the area.

This Pajama Parade is held every January 1 in the morning,  people dress as if they had just gotten up after celebrating New Year's Eve and went right out for breakfast, which is what they did.  After breakfast, they parade through town, led by one of our police vehicles.

Unfortunately, it was a cold, partly overcast day for the parade this year.

Unfortunately, I did miss a few vehicles because it's a two lane road and there were cars in the lane closest to me.

In spite of the cool weather, people got out in open vehicles including these.

And in the back of pickups!





  1. A good group of old timers and bikers. They are responsible for a lot of the charitable work here in town. Ride Bikes, grow hair, have fundraisers and donate where it makes a difference. Sons of Freedom. Shout out!

    1. They do a lot for our community and they're a great group of guys.