Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tonopah | Nevada

A mural was done in honor of the Army Airfield that was here in the 1940s.  It shows some of the different airplanes that flew out of the Airfield.  However, I must admit that the first thing I thought of was that the one in the upper left corner was a UFO!  I know it's not, it's some kind of stealth fighter.

Old mining towns sometimes had bad luck and injuries.  Big Bill was the hero one day when he arrived to work and found a fire in the mine, he went in multiple times to rescue some of his co-workers.  The last time he went in, he didn't return. This mural and the statue below, honors him for bringing some workers out of the mine.

One of the old hotels is being refurbished, it's nice that they take care of the landmarks.

Some of the old buildings are still in use.  The door states that there is a physicians office inside. I don't know if it is still open.

The Fire Department building, at least it was years ago.   I didn't see any fire trucks around. 

Right next door was the Water Company office, I'm not sure if it's in use still.  These buildings might be kept up because it's right near the Mining Park.

There are many abandoned houses around.

An old garage has a Lincoln Mark V sitting up on blocks.  It looks pretty good for being as old as it is.


And, of course, lots of old vehicles in different stages of rusting away.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to name a business after a clown, after all, some people don't like clowns.


The old building above has some intricate work supporting the balcony.  You certainly don't see that anymore.

This is a mural about a race over 100 years ago - a rich man's game.

This hotel is famous and has been around since the town started.

One of the old buildings left from the mining era, on the National Register of Historic Places.

A gazebo in town.

With all the antiques and old buildings, I was surprised to see this.  Apparently, they thought that Tesla was going to make it big. 


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