Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kelly Mine | Magdalena, New Mexico

This old mining town now boasts two residents, who reside close to each other in their mobile homes.  One even has a wind generator.

I like old ruins and that type of history, so I made a short detour to see this site. 


I wish I knew what bird had been nesting in this structure, never saw any activity, but it was a large nest.

The little church nearby has been kept up and is very clean and in good condition.

There was one lone grave. I'm not sure of the origin, but he may be the founder of the area.
These structures were on the road out of the mine, and probably had something to do with transportation out and processing. 

While driving back to town, I just noticed one residence.  I was struck by the contrast - an expensive bus parked by a sad looking house as well as a sad looking little trailer.

Town was a bit interesting, quite a few old buildings.

It was closed, but the train station has been taken over by the library!

Artwork - Magdalena style. 
Of course, being New Mexico, we must have old, antique vehicles!


It was an interesting little side trip, but I'm not sure I would recommend that people take the trip just to see the town and ruins.  Besides, the RV Park left quite a bit to be desired!


  1. I like Magdalena. How far up the mountain is Kelly? I'll be looking forward to your review of Datil (where I live some days).

    1. You will find the Forest Service Office on the main road. Take the road that runs alongside that office and just keep going until you see the little church. Stop there and walk up to the other parts of the ruins. I didn't plan on Datil and Pie Town because I wanted higher elevation.