Monday, February 27, 2017

The Estuary | San Carlos | Mexico

This sunset photo is on the other side of town from the estuary in San Carlos so it really has nothing to do with this post, but it sure is pretty. 

This vulture was at the estuary and he just sat there watching me approach.  Not very pretty birds, but they do clean up the area.

Small boats like this have lots of history in the area, this one has probably been used by fishermen for many years.  The photo below shows what I think is a homemade anchor made of rebar.

The old boat ramp to make it easier to get boats into the water, and possibly to get the day's catch onto land.

There were piles of these plastic crates in the area.  Some had not been in the water, but others were covered in seaweed and other aquatic plant life and then set in the sun to dry out, as shown in the second photo below.  They could have held shellfish kept in the water so they would be fresh for sale in the area.

A cute little building held some old supplies.

The entire area is protected and we are warned not to leave trash here and not to harm plants or trees in the area.  The shore is lined with mangroves, which are also protected in the states.
This next photo has nothing to do with the estuary, but a friend of mine moved her RV into a new area and the next lot had this cotton tree growing quite well.  It's the only cotton I've seen growing in Mexico.


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